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1.    __________________________________________________________         

2. ______________________________________________________

3.  ___________________________________________________________        

4. ______________________________________________________

5.  ___________________________________________________________         

6. _____________________________________________________

7.  ___________________________________________________________        

8. _____________________________________________________

9.  ___________________________________________________________        

10. ______________________________________________________

11.  ___________________________________________________________         

12.  _______________________________________________________

AVRAMIS MANAGEMENT, LLC, Landlord, hereby leases Apartment/house number _____ located at ___________________________________, Ithaca, NY to the above named tenants for twelve (12) months minus 6 days for maintenance.  There is NO off set of monies for the days required for maintenance.  If tenant(s) doesn’t want the offset time, then they will take occupancy, AS IS and require NO additional cleaning, painting or maintenance.  This off set time is for the new tenant(s) convenience.  If no off set time is taken, all tenant(s) on lease must sign a release form.  Lease commences at 12 noon on ___________________________2020 and ending at 8:00 AM on____________________________ 2021. This lease shall remain in force until the end of the term specified unless sooner terminated by landlord as set forth in this Lease Agreement.  The premises shall be used by _____ person and no one other than those specified above shall inhabit the premises without the written consent of the Landlord. No tenant shall stay beyond the term of this lease unless approved in writing by Landlord.  Tenancy after lease term, will result in a minimum of 1/30 (computed daily) of total monthly rent per occupant.   The above named tenants each agree to the following lease terms:


1.        Rent is $______________ per month, payable in full without deduction or offset including time designated for cleaning.   Rent is due on the 1st day of each calendar month in advance, after the 5th; there is a 10% penalty. If you are over a month late the penalty will be 20%.   Late fee is determined by the postmark on the envelope or the day that the check is dropped off at the office.  Any returned checks are subject to a 10% penalty.  Landlord has the right to subtract these charges from the security deposit if not paid by tenant during term of lease.  Installment payments are for the tenant’s convenience.  If tenant breaches this lease, tenant will also pay all legal and court fees.  Any legal action shall be instituted in the courts of the State of New York and the County of Tompkins, and NOT elsewhere.We do not send out bills for the rents, it is tenants' responsibility to send in the money for the rent by the due date.


2.        *******  Checks are to be made payabletoBILL AVRAMIS, acting member of Avramis Management LLC, with your house/apt number in memo.  Checks may be mailed or dropped off to the above address.


3.        Advance rent and Security Deposit required: $________________________, which is the LAST three months rent, and one month’s Security Deposit.  Security Deposit can NOT be used as a month’s rent and is NON-REFUNDABLE if lease is broken.





      a.  Security deposit                                           due upon signing                                                          Amount    $_________________________

      b.  Last month of 2021                                    due  upon signing                                                           Amount    $_________________________

      c.  2nd last month of 2020                               due December 1, 2019                                                       Amount     $________________________

      d.  3rd last month of 2021                               due February 1, 2020                                                 Amount     $_________________________

      e.  First month’s rent                                       due the FIRST day of ________________ 2021                 Amount    $_________________________

      f.  Dumpster Fee of $250 per person  - separate check due w/ 1st mo. rent                                               Amount     $_________________________


5.  Utilities: Landlord shall furnish:         Heat   __________    Water/Sewer   _____________      Electric _____________     Cooking Gas   _____________                         

                   Tenant shall furnish:            Heat   __________     Water/Sewer   _____________      Electric   ____________     Cooking Gas    _____________      


      It is tenant’s responsibility to call NYSEG and arrange for the heat, electric or gas, at 1-800-572-1111, if tenant pays utilities.  Service needs to be put 

      into tenant’s name and turned on when lease begins and turned off when lease expires.  Cable, television, internet and telephone are to be arranged for, and

      paid by tenant   If Landlord pays for the utilities in the apartment, Tenant must turn off any electrical appliances, including lights, fans, and space heaters,     

      when NOT in the apartment, non- compliance will incur a $75.00 penalty each time after the first warning.  If tenant pays for water, the bill will be in the

      landlord’s name but forwarded on to tenant for payment. 


6.    At 227 Linden Ave and 319 College there is a $100 deposit for the air conditioner remotes.   Remotes are to be picked up and returned to   

       the office during business hours, Monday thru Friday from 8:00AM-4PM.   Deposit will be returned with Security Deposit.


7.   Tenant may not tamper with, alter or disconnect the power supply of any smoke or heat detection device.  A minimum charge of $200.00 will be made

      against any tenant who violates this clause.  Disconnecting smoke or heat detection devices constitutes illegal behavior and Tenant will be evicted upon

      doing so.  No candles are to be burnt inside premise.


8.   During heating season to prevent pipes from freezing, thermostats are to be set at a minimum of 60 degrees.  During extreme cold weather or during breaks

     thermostats may be set at a temperature above 60 degrees that landlord feels will justify pipes from freezing.  Any heat problems are to be reported to the

     office IMMEDIATELY.  At NO time during this lease of the premise   if tenant pays for heat is the heat to be shut off during the months of

     September to May.  If done, tenant will pay a $500 charge plus ALL damages caused by the turn off.


9.   If Landlord pays for heat, tenant must keep windows closed during the heating season and thermostats are to be set no higher than 70 degrees.  Violation

      will result in a $100.00 charge for each violation. During breaks and between semesters, the heat will be set at 60 degrees, with the understanding that if a

      tenant stays, a space heater will be provided.  No one other than the PAYING tenant may stay in the apt/house during this time.


10.  Tenant or Sublettor may not enter into house/apartment before contracted date of lease, without the written consent of the Landlord or a minimum fee of

       1/30 of total rent of premises per day will be charged per occupant.


11.  Tenant may NOT change OR install locks without the written consent of the Landlord.  Tenant is to pick up keys at commencement of lease during

       business hours Monday thru Friday from 8:00am until 4:00pm, excluding holidays or make prior arrangements for weekend or evening pickup. There is a

       $10 deposit for each stamped key given that will be returned upon return of stamped keys with security deposit.   All keys are to be stamped with house #

      and bedroom keys with bedroom # (if there’s a bedroom key) or $10 will be deducted from security deposit.   Duplicate keys will not be accepted unless

      stamped as stated.


12.  Any service calls, at tenant’s request, done after 4PM or on weekends or holidays which are NOT emergencies, a $75 minimum charge will be imposed 

       payable at the time of service.    During business hours, Monday-Friday, except holidays, from 8:00am – 4PM, if tenant is locked out, he or she may

       borrow a key from the office and there will be no charge for service.    If locked out of bedroom and it’s after hours, you’ll have to wait until next

       business day for you to pick up a key, or call a locksmith at YOUR expense or pay a $75 fee for maintenance to unlock for you.


13.  Tenant agrees to maintain apartment/house in a neat, clean and orderly condition, as to the Landlord’s reasonable liking. If covenant is breached; Landlord

       may give tenant 24-hour notice to comply.  If tenant fails to do so, Landlord may enter premises, clean, and charge tenant a minimum of $30 per hour for

       cleaning services.  If tenant continues to breach this covenant than Landlord may have the tenant evicted, with tenant liable for any remaining rent.  There

       are to beNO PARTIES or GATHERINGS on the premise or tenant(s) will be evicted immediately.


14.  All porches, lawns and hallways are to remain clean and free of debris.  On houses or apartments with porches, it will be the tenants responsibility to have  

       All debris picked from the lawns and porches on a daily basis prior to 8:00am.    If landlord has to clean up or remove any debris there will be a

        minimum fee of $100 charged for each occurrence or each article removed.          


15.  Where a dumpster or garbage pickup is provided, a fee of $200.00 per student will be charged, which is due at commencement of the lease.   Garbage must

       be bagged and tied and placed inside the dumpster not on the ground or a $50 fee per bag will be charged.  Where garbage is picked up, tenants shall store

       garbage in sealed plastic bags in sealed metal or plastic containers with lids provided for by tenant.  Tenants agree to abide by City of Ithaca recycling and

       garbage regulations.  Tenants shall be liable for City fines imposed on Landlord for violations of garbage/recycling regulations, and/or any fees endured   

      by Landlord for clean-up.


16.  Grease, oil, coffee grounds, fibrous materials or tampons, condoms, large wads of toilet paper must   NOT be flushed down toilets or drains.  Tenant is

       responsible for blockage or overflow to sewage or drainpipes from these causes, or any other things flushed down toilets or drains.  Caustic substance

      (Drano, Liquid-Plumber, etc.) must not be flushed down toilets or drains.  Violations of this clause will incur a minimum charge of $150. Tenant is

       responsible for providing their own plungers and plunging toilets if they become clogged.  If after you plunge the toilet and if this does not correct

       the problem, then call the office    Water leaks and running toilets need to be reported immediately.   Tenant will pay the dollar difference based

       on the previous readings if landlord pays for water.  Where tenant pays water,  tenant is liable for all leaks and running  toilets.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


17.   Tenant(s) shall not obstruct or litter the halls, stairs, porches, walks or yards or go out on ANY roofs or fire escapes or place furniture on any roof or a fine

       of $200.00 per incident will be imposed.  Any punched or kicked in doors there is a minimum charge of $350 per door.  NO HOT TUBS.


18.  NO   pets of any kind are allowed in the apartment/house or building at any time.  Animals found on premises will be removed and taken by the SPCA.  A

      minimum charge of $500.00 will be made for this violation.  Tenant will be responsible for all professional cleaning needed because of the animal.


19.   Tenant shall not play musical instruments, radio, TV or stereo loud enough to be heard by other tenants or neighbors. Tenant agrees to respect the rights of

        his neighbors and roommates.  Tenant may not play music outdoors.


20.   Landlord does not provide screens or shades or curtains other than those now existing in the apartment/house.   Landlord does NOT replace light bulbs   

        upon burned out OTHER than fluorescent lights.   If you would like us to replace the bulbs that you have purchased, we will do so during business hours.


21.   Major appliances, including air conditioners, not provided by the Landlord, may NOT be used without prior written permission from the Landlord.  You

        may NOT have your own AC if the landlord pays for Utilities.  Violation of this provision will incur a minimum fine of $100 for each month used.  All

       approved A/C units must be removed from windows by November 1st.


22.  Landlord, manager or workpeople may enter the demised premises for the purpose of inspections, repairs, or maintenance at reasonable hours, whether or

       not the Tenants’ are present.  Tenants not obeying clauses in this lease will be inspected on a monthly basis to check for any problems or damage to

        premise.   Landlord will make a reasonable effort to notify Tenants before inspections.  


23.  Tenants will pay all damages to premises, appliances and furnishing caused by them, his guests or others not under the Landlord’s.  Tenant represents and   

       warrants for themselves, guests and visitors that they will not commit or allow in the building: any unsafe or disorderly act, any illegal or unlawful

       activity, illegal goods, entrance onto the building roof, other materials forbidden by prevailing laws and ordinances, alcohol kegs of any size or type,  

       consumption of alcoholic beverages by persons under 21 years of age, illegal use, distribution, sale, possession or manufacture of controlled substances,

       dangerous, hazardous or highly flammable materials including but not limited to weapons, firearms, BB guns, explosives, hazardous chemicals or propane  

       tanks, any act of physical violence to persons or property.


24.  If lease is executed by more than one person as tenants, ALL persons named shall be bound to the lease terms JOINTLY and SEVERALLY.         


25.  The apartment/house shall be used as living quarters only for the tenants named on this lease.  Number of tenants is based on the number of bedrooms.

       There will be an additional charge of $300 for each additional person occupying the premises for more than five days per month or an extra person added.


26.   Tenant must obtain Landlord’s written permission to assign or sublet the apartment/house, which shall not be withheld unreasonably or arbitrarily. 

        Sublettor’s must be Cornell Students and their lease term is to end at least 3 days prior to original tenant’s lease; with this clause being signed by

        sublettor.  All rent and parking money must be current form original tenant before subletting will be allowed.  The tenant named on the lease remains

        responsible for the term of this lease while subletting.  The Security Deposit will not be refunded until the end of the lease term.  Landlord recommends

       that tenant obtain a Security Deposit from Sublettor.


27.  The Landlord may terminate the lease agreement for tenant’s non-payment of rent or utility charges or for habitual late payment or unacceptable and/or

       illegal behavior, continual garbage violations.  If Landlord elects to terminate this lease, tenant must vacate the premises immediately after notice.


28.   After tenant(s), signs lease and pay their deposit and then tenant decides to default on the lease and if landlord needs to re-rent premise it will be the

        responsibility of the tenant to pay one month’s rent for this service, along with any difference on the re-rent price and any months or partial months

        that the premise goes un-rented.


29.   Landlord shall not be liable for any loss or damage to tenant(s) property caused by fire, theft, water or rain or other causes unless due to Landlord’s

        Negligence.  It is suggested that tenant(s) purchase Renter’s Insurance.


30.   Tenant shall remove all personal property at the end of the Lease term. Any items left after the termination by the outgoing tenant or before 

        lease begins by the incoming tenant, without prior permission from the Landlord will be deemed abandoned, and the Landlord may   

        remove, store and/or dispose of the same as it sees fit.


31.   Parking is NOT included in this lease.  If tenant desires parking a separate lease needs to be signed.  If tenant decides to rent parking and payment is not

        made in full; payment may be deducted from the apt/house security deposit.  If you renew lease, you will need to renew parking.  Unauthorized vehicles,

       parking in parking areas, driveways or lawns, etc., at any time, without prior permission will incur a fine of a minimum of $100.00 per episode.


32.  Basements are not a habitable space and are for Landlords use only. 


33.   The apartment/house will come furnished with a bed, dresser, desk and chair for each student, living room furniture, dining table/ chairs.  Tenant may

       NOT remove any of these furnishings from the apartment/house.  Tenants must arrange with the Landlord for removal and storage of unwanted  

       furnishings, at the signing of the lease.   The cost of removal of furnishings to tenant will be a minimum of $100.00 per person per time. 


34.   In units where there is a NON- coin washer and dryer, tenants will pay a fee of $50 per person for the year for this service.


35.  Messages may be given by e-mail.  If your e-mail address changes, please notify the office immediately.


36.  Rental season will begin the beginning of August.    Tenant will have right of first refusal.  If tenant would like to renew His/her lease, they are to

        notify the Landlord in writing by August 1st, and the premise will be taken off the market.    Premise will be shownMonday thru Friday from   

        noon until 7PM.  On Saturdays showings will be 1pm to 4pm.  There are NO showings on Sunday.  We will not send outIndividual notices on showings. 

       You may call the office and ask showing times, but remember we will have walk-ins who want to see it then. A clean house/apartment and with your

       cooperation your place will rent fast!!!  The faster we rent the sooner you will not have us going through the apartment/house. 



37.   This Lease is signed by YOU, the tenant(s).   All correspondence needs to come from thetenant, NOT a third party.  After the lease has been signed and           

         a third party contacts on behalf of one or all the tenants, a consulting fee of $200 per hour will be charge, which will be due within one week of service. 


38.   This is the entire agreement between the parties; there are no representations or agreements other than the Security Deposit Agreement noted on the last

page.  Changes in this lease are effective only if in writing and signed by both parties. Tenant agrees Landlord may correct typographical and clerical            errors in this lease agreement.  If any term in this lease is found to be null or void, it shall not affect the validity of any other terms in this lease.  Tenant agrees that he has had ample opportunity to read this lease, understands its provisions, believes them to be fair and reasonable, and agrees to comply with  each such provision.  Each tenant has received their own copy of this lease.


                           This lease is hereby executed and entered into this ______________day of _________________________, 2019.





                                                                             SECURITY DEPOSIT AGREEMENT



Tenant agrees that this security deposit may NOTbe applied by the tenant as rent, and that the full monthly rent will be paid on or before the rent due date of every month including the last month due.  At all times, Landlord is entitled to have the full amount of the security deposit stated in this lease.


Return of the security deposit is subject to the following provisions:


1.        Full term of the lease has expired and all tenants have vacated the premises.  If any tenant sublets from the next tenant, security deposit will be returned one month after termination of sublease and inspection of premises.

2.        No unreasonable damage to property, appliances, and furnishings beyond reasonable wear and tear.

3.        Entire apartment, including stove, refrigerator, cupboards, bathroom, closets, inside of windows, blinds, and carpets (shampooed if stained), are cleaned and returned to Landlord in a condition allowing for new tenant to move in, and that would not require additional cleaning on the part of Landlord or his agents.  A minimum charge of $35 per hour will be charged should the premises need cleaning.  All unwanted debris is too handled as stated in line 14.

4.        No stickers, tape, fun tacks, nails, markers, scratches, posters, or shelves on walls.   

5.        No delinquent rents or unpaid charges under the lease agreement.  Landlord does not have to give interest on 6 dwelling units or more if tenant is late on rent, or breaches any of these covenants.

6.        All stamped keys, as designated in clause #11, are to be returned to the office on or before the day of lease termination or Landlord has the option of changing locks at tenant’s expense or deducting $10 for each key missing.

7.        All furniture is returned to location as at start of lease.

8.        *****Securities will be mailed in a self addressed stamped envelope left or mailed to the office by the tenant one month after termination of lease or after this date when envelope is received and all tenants or sub-tenants have vacated property and all keys are returned.   It is not the Landlord’s obligation to search for tenant’s address or to write out envelope. 

9.        Where tenant pays all utilities, the final water bill will be deducted from the security deposit.





                            If any of the above conditions are NOTcomplied with, an applicable fine or cost of labor and materials will be charged.

The security deposit check will be returned by mail in a self addressed stamped envelopePROVIDED by the TENANT.


Landlord will give interest on security deposit, where six (6) units or more exist in the building.   However, Landlord need not give tenant interest on the security deposit if the tenant has not fully performed any clause on this lease.

                               Tenant acknowledges understanding this agreement and has received a signed copy of this lease.



Landlord:  ________________________________________________

Tenants:  1.  ________________________________________________________   

2. _______________________________________________________



5.  ________________________________________________________________      


7.  _______________________________________________________________     



10. _______________________________________________________



 If you sublet we aren’t responsible for any cleaning that needs to be done when your sublettor moves out and you move in. Any cleaning that needs to be done will be done during the 6  day grace period before your lease begins.     It will be YOUR responsibility to make sure that your sublettor has the place cleaned for you.


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